On a lonely car ride

looking through the front

window reminds you

there is an open world

outside designed to be

your playground.


It’s a cloudy day

in the middle of Summer

and you’re grateful for it.

A break from the sun,

from it’s blinding optimistic



Modern English’s

“I Melt With You”

plays on the radio

and you remember

that love is a thing that exist

somewhere outside of your car.


In the distance,

a beam of sunlight breaks

through the clouds.

You don’t chase it but hope


You will feel its warmth

and melt.


How do you stop the world from imploding:

You don’t.


People you love will

stop loving each other

and you will watch,

powerless and angry

because all you know

about love is crumbling

right in front of you.


The world chews love

up and spits it in your face

as a tainted madness that

births cynics and pessimist.


When you’re older, you’ll wear

your distrust as a wall around your

heart to protect from its inevitable

destruction by the world.


But you know already that the

world began imploding a long time ago.

And the wall you built will crumble

just like the love that came before.


Yes, the world is set to implode,

and all you can do is watch.


People you love will

stop loving you and you

will question everything,

starting with yourself and then

moving on to every facet of

existence you’ve ever clung on to.


“I don’t like the ending of that one,

it’s sad and it feels like what you’re

saying is that love isn’t real.”


Love is as real as it ever will be.


Because if love isn’t real,

why are we even here?


The world has imploded.

And every wall you’ve built

around your heart has collapsed.


But love is not about building walls back up,

it is about learning to live without them.

Learning to live after the world has imploded

and robbed you of every ounce of hope.


But in you, I’ve found more than just an ounce.


I think I understand it now.

Spontaneous human combustion.

Because when you leave the room,

you don’t really leave the room;

And in me, everything I feel 

festers until the next time I see you.


Tinnitus of the gut,

constant ringing of your laughter

lights up my eardrums and

drops down into my core

like a flare falling into a dark tunnel.

When it reaches the pit of my stomach,

It sits and burns at my insides.


It never stops burning.

On a busy day, the kind that wants to

start and end with everything

else that isn’t you,

I have brief pockets of time to

close my eyes and catch my breath.

But behind my eyelids are yours,

sparkling every time you close your eyes to laugh

that laugh that keeps burning inside of me.


When you talk I taste every word

that leaves your lips and they all taste like gasoline.

There’s a thin layer of every word you’ve ever said to me on my skin.

As days pass, it doesn’t wash away, only

absorbs deeper into my body

until its running through my veins.

Blood isn’t meant to boil with admiration

but this fire refuses to stop burning.


When you walk back into the room

and I pick up my head

to look at you,

I burst into flames.

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