Writing Men To Filth

Every Day You Fall in Love

Every Day You Fall In Love

Honey Pots and Roller Skates

It starts off with young innocent hopefuls

that’ll become fetishized eye candy and

you might not realize it then but it’s a

problem and it’ll keep being a problem because

the rest of the plot was decided before you even

got a chance to read the script


Every Day You Fall in Love

Daydreams and Wet Dreams

and you didn’t know it then but

before she could even work up the idea

that she might just be in love with you

you had already determined that you

might just want to fuck her and nothing

else mattered because the wet dreams

aren’t cinematic masterpieces but they’re cheap

and easy and you can be in so many of them

the loneliness never has time to hit you


Every Day You Fall in Love

Re-Read Text Messages and Replayed Snaps

and the screenshots aren’t of words

but of naked bodies that are coming in

every other day like audition tapes in an

industry where dicks think with their

dicks and rewrite scripts so that the plot

is always serving the lonely man like you and

that’s great because watch enough of these

movies and you feel like they never end and in

real life you’re the main character so the world serves you too


Every Day You Fall in Love

Philosophers and Cowgirls

and you ponder the idea that this is a movie

about morals and you’re only going to grow if

you stop being such an asshole but god damn does it

feel good when one of those girls is sitting on you

and you’re not wearing any clothes and her ass

is like a globe revolving on your lap so you sit back

and soak it all in because you’re fucking the world

and it feels good


Every Day You Fall in Love

Poetry Collections and Onlyfans Archives

and after it’s over pick up a book and try to be

a romantic because in the story eventually

they don’t fuck you they know you’re dirty

and they know you’re nothing but an empty

well that takes but doesn’t give

and the only way to change that is to find yourself

at the other end of your character arc where you

are damaged but salvageable but you know the script

you know where it’s going and you know how it ends


Every Day You Fall in Love

Soft Kisses and Blowjobs

and it starts slow with kisses on the

lips because you’re a changed man and even though

you still don’t believe in love you’ve learned how to

convince women that they should still believe

and so they get in bed and slowly move each

kiss closer and closer down your body until the

screen fades to black and you get what you want


Every Day You Fall in Love

Heartbreak and Hard-ons

and you are back where you started on this

heroes journey moving through broken hearts

that have served their purpose in pushing your story

forward and boy do you feel special standing on

top of the hill and looking up at the sky like it was

painted for you while you ignore the ruins beneath

you and celebrate your victory

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet

Tori Black and James Deen

This is all you’ve ever known

All you ever will know

Love and sex based on fantasies where

the hero is actually the villain but

he wins anyways because the script was written

a long time ago and it was written by a dick who thinks with his dick. 

Real Man Shit

Today I did real man shit.


went to work

worked hard

clocked out

and bought

myself dinner


I washed that

down with two

coca colas while

I talked about

sports and women.


I showered

and cleaned

the must of

the day off

my body

sat back

and enjoyed

my time of well

deserved rest.


Later, I kissed

a woman that 

wasn’t mine

and wont be.


I did it without

knowing her name.

I did without caring

if I’d hurt her.

I did it with a

smile on my face.


That’s real man shit.


Then, at the end

of the day,

I wrote.


In a postcard

to myself

I said

You’re doing

a great job.


I reflected on

the day and

at the end of

my letter I

said to myself:


I love you.


And then,

I cried.

Go Getter

Go Getter,

Whipping out of bed

and chasing her dreams.


The world is at her fingertips

but she won’t be happy

until she has a handful.


Lost in her melancholy

but guided by her independence,

she doesn’t need anything;

She only does,

only persist.


She grows out of her self

with vines outstretched,

ready to wrap herself

around the world.


Go getter,

wrap yourself around me.


Cause in my self-centered


I’ve convinced myself

that I should be the world.


And when I have dreams

and you’re in them,

I convince myself that

it’s romance that brings you to me

and not an unhealthy obsession.


Years of hard wiring

have made me

want you.

Years of hard wiring

have made me

need you.


Go getter,

I look at you and question myself,

which one of my extra glances

turns the curious into the perverse?


Like a Fresh Prince,

I ask out loud

Why don’t she want me? 

Like your desire is owed to me,

Like you’re a missing father

and it’s your responsibility

to fill my needs for

love and affection.


Go getter,

I am the world.

The world where

even the nice guys

are the bad guys.

Belt Buckle

You lay on top of me and our

faces are so close together that

looking into your eyes pulls me

into you.


When we kiss, we start with just our lips.

Both of mine close on one of yours and

when they open, they push your upper lip

and open your mouth enough that I

sneak my tongue inside.

We close our eyes when this happens.

We open them as we pull away

From each other and smile.


Before we kiss again, I move my hands

from your waist to your face.

I feel around so that later, when I think of it,

I cant just see it but I can feel it too.

My thumbs brush your cheeks before

passing over the bump on your nose

on their way to your lips. I put both

hands on the sides of your head and

pull you closer to me.


This time, while we kiss, I run

my fingers through your hair.

I move slow, doing my best to

not get caught in the tangles and instead,

move together with each strand like

we’re growing in unison.

Our eyes close again as I

massage your head the same way

I do when you’re trying

to get to sleep.


I am caring,

I am loving,

I am romantic,

Until I feel my head start to tingle.


After it tingles

I forget to care,

to love,

to be romantic.


I put my hands on top of your head

and push it towards my belt buckle.

Trickle Down

Que chingen a su madre los del America

Que chingen a su madre los de las Chivas

Que chingen a su madre los del Cruz Azul

De Nexaca

De Toluca

De Monterey

De Tijuana


Que todos chingen a su madre.


Grown men.

Growing men.

Grown boys.

Growing boys.


They hate each other.

Hate each other so much

they can’t fathom the idea of

loving each other.

The idea is so foreign it becomes

the punchline at the end of a joke. 


Two men,

fans of a rival team,

kiss each other.

The other men

laugh and celebrate

like it’s a victory.


Maybe it’s not that big of a deal.

Maybe it’s not that serious.

Maybe it’s just a few bad apples.

But maybe not.


Because when the goalkeeper

kicks a ball off of his line

it’s the whole stadium that shouts


They shout it loud enough

that you can hear it even

when you’re watching from home.


The room laughs.


First the grown men,

then the growing men,

then the grown boys,

and then the growing boys.


This is trickle down



Maybe it’s not that big of a deal.

Maybe it’s not that serious.

Maybe it’s just a few bad apples.

But maybe not.


I was a growing boy once. 

And in high school,

when a boy in my English class

shared that he had a crush on me,

I hated him for it.


In a room full of growing boys,

I wanted to shout,



In a room full of growing boys,

I wouldn’t have been the only one.


This is trickle down



This is what makes

bad apples

out of

growing boys

and grown boys,

out of growing men

and grown men.


Somewhere along the way,

the trickle will stop.


Que chingen a su madre los que gritan puto.

Que chingen a su madre los que soportan el homophobia.

Que chingen a su madre los que soportan al transphobia.

Que chingen a su madre todos que no dejan amar

en paz. 

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